Planning & Strategy

Prevent, intervene, and respond using the right strategic, trauma-informed plans & protocols that fit the specific needs of your organization.

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CTIP Training, Tools, and Technology

We support our partners development of end-to-end plans and protocols for prevention, intervention, and response by:

  • Building an interconnected roadmap, interagency collaboration, and cross-sectional partnerships, 
  • Conducting policy review and updates,
  • Consulting on complex cases where significant trauma or threats have occurred
  • Establishing key protocols with concrete action items for all relevant parties,
  • Supporting data-use agreements and contracts for seamless information sharing and transfer across systems,
  • Offering ongoing technical support to help strengthen existing services,
  • Implementing CTIP’s end-to-end case management software, Outreach, for enhanced collaboration

VTRA Training

Train your organization in a comprehensive violence prevention model that identifies early risk indicators and drives intervention.


 Self-paced courses to enhance your knowledge on trauma and trauma-informed strategies.

CTIP Resources

Access a full suite of CTIP assessment, management, and collaboration tools & software.

TES Training

Prepare your organization to better manage the immediate response and the ongoing systemic aftermath of a traumatic event.


Short bursts of intensely interactive, on-demand content covering a variety of topics.

Outreach software

Actuate your trauma-informed planning with collaborative case management software.


Let’s Work Together to Empower Your Organization

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