List of Careers Available at CTIP:

Please select a career option from the following and fill out an application.

Frontend Software Engineer

We are seeking an individual with an passion for software engineering and interest in helping communities, organizations and individuals through technology and training. The ideal candidate will share our company values of honesty, transparency, and a commitment to client success and satisfaction.

Software Engineer

Innovation is a core tenet of our focus - our Software Team works to deliver the best designs, products and processes possible for our clients. Delivering innovation with informed processes, efficient code and solid designs - the CTIP Software Team works together and with clients to meet and exceed their needs.

Client Success Manager

Customer service and client success plays an important role in maintaining positive company experiences. As the main point of contact, our Client Success Managers act on behalf of CTIP, answering questions, providing product or service information, and handling any requests from beginning to end.

Sales Executive

Sales requires an individual who can convey confidence and trust. CTIP's Sales Executive will cultivate relationships with prospective customers and maintain strong relationships with current clients. Our Sales Executive will develop a deep understanding of CTIP’s products or services and be able to thoroughly explain benefits of and answer customer questions about them. They will be responsible for meeting certain individual and team-wide sales goals—on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.