Family Assessment Training

Level I Family Assessment (Structure and Function): This two-day training is for professionals who regularly work with children, adolescents, and their families and are looking for specialized knowledge in assessing and understanding family dynamics that may be influencing parent/caregiver and child functioning. Family structure and function will be assessed through use of case studies and an understanding of multigenerational transmission of symptoms and patterns or family interaction. Dynamics of under functioning and over functioning will be addressed, as well as the influence of sibling position, family projection, gender, symptom bearers, and the effects of abuse, grief and loss, trauma and blended families. Professionals will also be asked to consider their own families of origin and how that influences them as helpers and leaders.


What is Family Assessment Training?

Family Assessment Training is an in-person training that analyzes the significant role of family dynamics, violence, and trauma in shaping childhood experiences, as well as the psychological impact that family-of-origin experiences have on adolescents and adults today. 

Through CTIP Level One and Level Two Family Assessment training, you’ll be introduced to the early research, concepts, and variables needed to understand family dynamics and the emotional process of families. 

While each and every situation is unique, you’ll learn to assess the most commonly occurring family dynamics, understand the differences in frequency and intensity, and gain trauma-informed perspectives on families in the current generation.

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