Live Staff Presentations

Discover CTIP’s pioneering work and expert analysis on managing the social, emotional, and traumatic impact on today’s most prevalent topics. Get in touch to learn more about our in-person and virtual presentations today.


Over the past two years, CTIP has produced a series of publicly-available guidelines and resources with the goal of helping organizations and communities manage the social, emotional, and traumatic impact of the worldwide pandemic. 

As we move forward, CTIP has transformed these resources into a series of 90-minute to 3-hour presentations that aim to educate organizations, schools, governments, and communities on managing the systemic impact of COVID-19 from a trauma-informed perspective.

Through the course of the lecture, we will dive into the following topics:

  • Trauma-Informed Leadership During the Pandemic
  • The Lingering Effects of Quarantine: The Impaired Closeness-Distance Cycle in Families
  • Understanding Polarization
  • How to Mobilize the Unique Characteristics of Each Team
  • Perspective Making as an Intervention
  • How to Generate Emotional Energy
  • The Truth about Self-Care
  • Post-Pandemic Mental Health
  • *For Education – The Learning Gap and The Connection Gap: How to Accelerate Success!

If you’re interested in learning more about our Navigating the Pandemic presentation series, reach out to a CTIP representative today.


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