Specialized Training

As the world changes, CTIP changes with it: that’s why we create custom training sessions that focus on prevalent issues, communities, and audiences. Get in touch to learn more about our specialized,  in-person and virtual training sessions today.


What is Specialized Training?

In response to current events, high-profile incidents, and deeper analysis into historical trauma,  CTIP has produced hyper-focused training sessions geared towards specific communities, audiences, and issues, such as "VTRA from an Indigenous Perspective" or "TES for Communities Affected by School Shootings".

For each training we create, CTIP leverages core frameworks borrowed from VTRA and TES Training to collect information, assess risk, and conduct the necessary intervention and prevention steps. To make the training highly effective for a unique scenario, we work to incorporate specific plans and protocols to reflect the diverse realities of the individuals and human systems involved.


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