Practitioner Support Applications

Practitioner Support Software Applications

As a CTIP-certified practitioner, access the full-suite of tools you need to conduct trauma-informed assessments, manage response activities, and promote collaboration.

Tips & Referrals

Available as a connector application to CTIP’s Outreach platform, integrate CTIP’s reporting mechanism to allow for anonymous and/or known tips, as well as referrals, that help to identify threats.



With the Trends application, get a real-time view into dynamic, de-identified indicators related to high-profile incidents influencing behavior, health, & wellness, both globally and in your community.


Critical Periods

With the Critical Periods application, get a visual understanding of high-profile incidents’ location, type, and point-in-time that may influence the behavior, health, and wellness of those in your community. Identifying critical periods are crucial to assess the likelihood of imitations of incidents; for example, in the case of school shootings.



With the Ask CTIP tool, CTIP training participants access a Q&A forum with CTIP experts to ask questions about trauma-informed strategies, methodologies, best practices, and resources.



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  • 4,000+ training sessions completed since 1999
  • 1,000+ communities using our methodologies

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