Immerse Yourself in Interactive Online Professional Development

The professional development offered by the Center for Trauma Informed Practices (CTIP) uses the best and latest research-based information on how people learn to create online courses. Our courses equip educators with the knowledge and skills to better understand their learners, the situations they come from, and the impacts that individuals have on systems and vice-versa. Socioemotional learning has been explored with various dimensions, models, and principles. In our case, we take socioemotional learning to be the umbrella under which our learning fits.


CTIP has deep expertise in trauma-informed practices, threat assessment, and preventing violence. This means that we look at concepts by considering the role of historical trauma on an individual’s current functioning, and we consider how to lower the anxiety in traumatized systems to increase healthy human functioning. 

All of our courses are focused on helping you better understand an individual, their characteristics, their past experiences, and how they are doing in their current environment. We offer professional development in topics like threat assessment, violence prevention, polarization and its impact on children, how extroverts and introverts are emerging from the pandemic, and the importance of hope in seemingly hopeless situations. Most of the professional development is online, asynchronous, and independent but we do offer takeaway guides, discussion starters, and opportunities for hybrid learning.  

You can get started on your first professional development course by enrolling in “Our Students: Where Have They Been and Where are They Going?”. This four-part course takes important lessons from the pandemic and applies them to trauma informed practice, while considering the experiences that our learners have had. The course contains interactive activities, quick assessment questions, reflections, other media, and discussion boards to learn from your peers.