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CTIP Helps Organizations Overcome Trauma
We’re on a mission to help our partners more effectively prevent, intervene, and respond to crises, violence, and conflict through trauma-informed practices.

What is a trauma-informed practice?
Any professional that considers the role of historical trauma on an individuals’ current functioning can be considered trauma-informed. A professional who builds those insights into their ongoing practice strategies can be considered to have a trauma-informed practice. The CTIP models are interconnected practices that address:
1. How current and historical trauma interact within the individual.
2. How trauma can impact an entire human system (families, workplaces, schools, etc.).
3. The role of trauma in intensifying violence potential.
4. How to assess the interaction between diversely traumatized individuals inside the same system.
5. How to lower the anxiety of traumatized systems and move towards more healthy human functioning.

When an act of violence impacts a community, when disaster strikes a region, when a crisis arises in an organization, these circumstances do not occur as a "moment in time" only, but overlay already existing relationship systems. Some that were more emotionally  healthy before the tragedy and others that were less healthy. If professionals and leaders do not understand how trauma can affect individuals and entire human systems then their responses tend to be either non-existent or limited to managing the "fallout" today with the hope that "time heals all wounds."

CTIP offers specialized training, technology, and resources that aim to help agencies, systems, and professionals better comprehend and address trauma & violence in their communities through evidence-informed and trauma-informed approaches.

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Get self-paced online learning courses to enhance your knowledge on trauma and trauma-informed strategies, like Foundation in Trauma Response and more.

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Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Training

Train your organization in trauma-informed threat assessment and violence prevention that identifies early risk indicators and drives intervention.

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Traumatic Event Systems (TES) Training

Prepare your organization with the necessary strategies & tools to plan, intervene and support communities on the systemic aftermath of a traumatic event.

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Actuate your trauma-informed planning with CTIP’s specialized software that effectively guides organizations through their response protocols.

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