Our Students: Where They've Been and Where They're Going

  • CEU: 3 Continuing Education Credits
  • Credential Type: Certificate
  • Time to complete: 3-4 hours / self-paced learning
  • Course access: Available for 60 days from date of enrollment
  • Group Discounts are available for groups of fifty or more learners

Post-pandemic Mental Health Series-Our Students
The COVID-19 pandemic impacted every single one of us, and left an indelible imprint on our youth. Many of these changes were negative, but some were not; some lost touch with friends, some picked up a new interest. Maybe you experienced trauma during the pandemic or maybe it didn’t affect you much.

This powerful professional development course provides educators with new ways of thinking about issues and challenges that they have seen both inside and out of the classroom. The course gives adults a better foundation for understanding trauma, identifying students who need support, relating to students, establishing a sense of trust with students, and convincing them that we can handle the truth in their lives. There are four modules within this course, and an accompanying discussion board for each module.

Module 1: Trauma-Response [Stress] Continuum 
Module 2: Effects of Quarantine and Supportive Education Delivery 
Module 3: Psychodynamics of Social Media 
Module 4: Connection Gap, Learning Gap, and Perspective-Making


Who should take the courses?
This professional development course is for the educator who is looking for effective ways of understanding the impact of systems on humans, and the impact of humans on systems. The concepts in this course are developed from a perspective of trauma response and trauma-informed practices.

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