Outreach Collaboration Software

Outreach by CTIP: Incident Case Management & Collaboration Software

Developed from the need to facilitate rapid cross-departmental and cross-organizational collaboration, Outreach is CTIP’s patented technology solution for improved communication, centralized case management, and secure information sharing among trained Threat Assessment and Trauma Response practitioners and partners. 

Centralized Monitoring & Data Collection Portal

Outreach’s easy-to-use interface allows multiple stakeholders to assess, intervene, and manage digitized Trauma Informed Assessments, incidents, at-risk individuals, and groups in a consistent framework, with real-time information sharing and data assessment. 

Outreach ensures that the right tools, technology, and training are available in one place, so professionals can get at-a-glance insights, identify and resolve threats, and track response activities.

Supports Collaboration

To more effectively assess risk and mitigate the potential impact of trauma on individuals & communities, Outreach supports the end-to-end management of information, responses, and actions across stakeholder groups. Access real-time updates and reporting to understand and follow the protocols put in place during training and planning sessions.

Secure Communication

Outreach is a secure cloud-based platform where practitioners can assist each other in creating a full risk profile and conduct mission-critical steps to safely prevent, intervene, and respond to traumatic events.

  • 70,000+ trained professionals
  • 4,000+ training sessions completed since 1999
  • 1,000+ communities using our methodologies

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