Microlearning: Polarization and Children

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Children seek to feel a sense of belonging with their schools, local communities, and homes. Children spend a significant amount of time at school; when the school environment is rife with polarization it impacts children, even if we think they are shielded from it. In our current climate, polarization is often intertwined with politics and value-based systems. The ability to have conversations with someone from whom you have a different perspective is challenging. This course series acknowledges that all children will be exposed to some level of polarization. While individually, we do what we can to minimize polarization, it still exists. This course series focuses on clear actions that learners can take to both protect students from unnecessary polarization, and to show them how to engage in conversations with someone who has a different opinion.


The four courses are:

  • Children and Sense of Belonging
  • Impact of Polarization on Children
  • What Can we do About it?
  • Building a Better Future

Each course has one objective that is accomplished by introducing learners to content through slides, videos, images, reflections, questions, and applications.

The objectives are:

  • Explore the sense of belonging that children have to their school environment in anticipation of learning about the impact of polarization on children
  • Examine the harmful effects of pandemic polarization on children
  • Equip oneself with practical strategies for minimizing the impacts of polarization on children
  • Prepare students to manage and hopefully thrive in polarized environments

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