Microlearning: Introverts and the Pandemic

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Introverted people expend comparatively more energy while in social situations. They tend to gain energy from being in quiet spaces and spending time alone. So, at the time, the pandemic seemed like it would be great for introverts because it gave them a built-in excuse to avoid social situations. However, people who are introverts tend to have higher rates of anxiety and depression. That, in combination with a lack of connection to other people, meant that introverts tended to struggle both during the pandemic and after the height of pandemic (we realize it’s not over). This series of four courses uses the pandemic as a case study for how introverts fare during times of crisis, stress, trauma, and anxiety.


The four courses are:

  • Defining Introverts
  • Impact of Trauma on Introverts
  • Introverts Faring During the Pandemic
  • How to Relate to and Understand Introverts

Each course has one objective that is accomplished by introducing learners to content through slides, videos, images, reflections, questions, and applications.

The objectives are:

  • Identify the defining features of introverts and compare those with myths perpetuated about introverts
  • Explore the relationship between life experiences—particularly with trauma—and people’s tendencies towards introversion
  • Evaluate the experiences of introverts during the pandemic and reflect on their alignment with the learner’s previously held notions
  • Identify useful strategies for connecting to and building relationships with people who have introverted tendencies

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