Microlearning: Extroverts and the Pandemic

  • CEU: 1 Continuing Education Credit
  • Credential Type: Badge
  • Time to complete: 1 hour / self-paced learning
  • Course access: Available for 30 days from date of enrollment
  • Group Discounts are available for groups of fifty or more learners

Being extroverted is not the same thing as being outgoing. Extroversion is a personality characteristic that is largely unchangeable. The impacts of the pandemic and altered social situations therein, such as quarantine or shelters-in-place, provide a great case study to look at extroversion in depth.


The four courses are:

  • Defining Extroverts
  • Extroverts’ Mental Wellness During the Pandemic
  • Extroverts Faring During the Pandemic
  • Moving forward for extroverts

Each course has one objective that is accomplished by introducing learners to content through slides, videos, images, reflections, questions, and applications.

The objectives are:

  • Define what is meant and what is not meant by extroversion
  • Discover the experience of extroverts with regard to their mental health during the pandemic
  • Explore how extroverts might engage with life after the pandemic, and anticipate challenges they may have
  • Reflect on the experiences and impact of the pandemic on extroverts and how this applies to other life situations

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