Foundation in Family Dynamics

  • CEU: 3 Continuing Education Credits
  • Credential Type: Badge
  • Cost: $85 USD / $120 CAD + applicable tax per individual
  • Time to complete: 3 hours / self-paced learning
  • Course access: Available for 60 days from date of enrollment
  • Group Discounts are available for groups of fifty or more learners

People often come into counselling—or are brought into counselling—because it is assumed by others “there is something wrong with them.” Although there are presenting issues unique to each individual entering counselling, there are usually other factors that can elevate risk for symptom development that are “outside” the individual. In other words, it’s not all about the identified person: often family dynamics are a risk-enhancing variable that can contribute to what’s wrong with an individual as well. Understanding family dynamics can be the solution to many problems. This course will introduce you to the early work of the pioneers in the field of family therapy and expand on key insights that have influenced clinical practice throughout the world. It will also tie together elements from the fields of threat assessment and trauma response that are sometimes family-generated. No two families are the same—and no two family members have the same experience—even if they were raised by the same parents or caregivers.


Module 1: Family Dynamics Foundation: Early Thinking
Module 2: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts: Early Research
Module 3: Genograms: The Family Map
Module 4: Family Structure
Module 5: Family Function
Module 6: Family Emotional Process


Who should take the courses?
The Foundation Courses are customized for the person who has an interest in the fields of threat
assessment, trauma response, or family dynamics: including para-professionals, professionals, and
those with a general interest in advancing their learning. It is designed to provide learning for those
who want general exposure to the CTIP™ models as well as those who are planning—as part of
their professional development—to complete any of the two-day, in-person training courses. It is also
meant to provide those who have already completed two-day trainings an opportunity to refresh
their learning and dive more deeply into areas that informed our current training program.


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Foundation in Family Dynamics

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